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Chapter 1 Update Now Live!


Beau Ideal is a text-heavy fantasy visual novel where your choices drives the progression of the story.

A low-level criminal on the run for the crime of the century, the end of your journey approaches as you arrive in Lau Lyssa, the Kingdom’s southernmost city. Resigned to your fate of living as a fugitive in the wilds of the Southern Expanse, you know you only have so much time before word of your misdeed sweeps the land.

Beau Ideals is currently rated 16+ for mature language, and violence. User discretion is advised.


  • Fully illustrated story with unique backgrounds, sprites, and illustrations
  • Character customization: name, gender, weapon preference, and background
  • Build and explore complicated relationships with five primary characters–nudge them towards the future or encourage them to keep looking to the past


Beau Ideal's delightful main cast. The most unlikely of circumstances pits the five against each other in a long war of wits, each frustrated by the turn of events that brings them to a screeching halt along their respective journeys.

Cale - A Machiavellian businessman, The Supplier moves with a perceptive eye with a penchant for perusing the path less traveled.

Suuli - Traveling throughout the kingdom to fulfill her duty as a Kehn, The Wanderer seeks deep connection and hopes for a different future.

Liem - A dedicated servant of the people, The Soldier embodies the noble bearing and selfless attitude that the citizens of the Kingdom so esteems.

Irie - Dedicated and industrious, The Descendant is resolved to fulfill her destiny and is suspicious of those who try to convince her otherwise. 

Niko - A man that embraces change and uncertainty, The Smuggler holds no allegiances, and values free-will and autonomy above all else.

What will you bring to the volatile mix?

Beau Ideals is still early in development. Follow us on our game development blog for the latest updates and sneaks peaks into up-coming content. 

Tumblr | Bug Reporting

Writer | "Coding" -  Mouse

Art | UI | "Coding" - Ram (HollowRam)


DragoonHP - Custom NVL coder 

ZakhharValaha - Composer for tracks:  "Ambiant Relax Sounds"

Stephen Poon - Composer for tracks: "Lau Lyssa v1"

Special thanks to our beta readers/testers:

Rose (author of Valley of Kings), Carrot, Megs, Arlo (author of Magician's Voyage), Manonamora, and Lilas

Updated 6 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Release date Dec 26, 2021
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorMouse & Ram
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
Tagsamare, beau-ideals, Fantasy, lau-lyssa, Ren'Py, Text based
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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I... I loved this so much I forgot it was just chapter 1 and went insane when I finished it because I wanted more. I like the writing and the music a lot, although the art was just ✨sooo pretty✨ I find it all pretty immersive and I had fun messing with Irie lol. I did see a few errors that popped up when choosing certain options towards the end but since this game is still in early development I trust these little things will be fixed later. I'm looking forward for the next update (but mostly for Cale my funny little guy)!! 


We're so so so glad you enjoyed it! There's really nothing in the world that makes as happier.

We're planning on a proper update late this year (December) and will make sure to sweep away as many bugs as we can possibly find. Thank you for your grace.


The writing is captivating, the story seems unique and I'm looking forward to seeing more. However, I wish we could've seen at least a glimpse of the characters...  I think it'd be cool if they were at least introduced in demo.

But even so, I still enjoyed the demo a lot. And art, omg... The art is just gorgeous. That's probably what captivated me the most in this demo and I'm so looking forward to the update (or full version).  

Thank you so much for your kind comment! We do hope you return to check out the update!


The beginning of the story is intriguing, but it would be nice if there were more variability. For example, MC character. I would like more dialogue options, choices, character options. The main character already has a character traits, but in my game, if I had a choice, I wouldn't make him like that. At this stage, the story is more like a good book than an interactive game with choices.


it's gorgeous<3 can't wait for more update

Visual style is great. On everything else, I'll have to wait for an update.


This is really gorgeous. The UI and environment designs are great & really bring the writing to life in a compelling way.

Really good start, will make sure to check in every so often!

Looks amazing! Looking forward to trying it when I have time. ^^


An interesting start, a good addition would be the back button as a quality of life improvement. Looking forward to the future release!


Thank you! We'll definitely get that back button back in with the next update. 

Hope you enjoyed the experience!